April 2013 Minutes

STATE OF NEW YORK April 3, 2013



The Public Hearing of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 p.m. Regular meeting to follow.

Subject of such hearing is Local Law #2 “The Right To Farm Law”.


Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Council members: Jeri Brayman, Craig DuMond, Steve Roff, Betty Scott

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy. Supt.: Chuck Smith


Vince Warner, Barbara Roth, Nick Genovese, Ernst Keidel, Neil Brayman, Neita VanValkenburg, Doug Earl, Tom Klehr, Steve Tiska, Melissa Thomas, Collin Frost


  1. Steve Tiska asked about the Local Law and asked if it was an upgrade. He thought that there was one in place. Mike said if there is then yes, it will be.

  2. Steve Roth thought that Section B- item 2, should have aquaculture also noted there, but that it is listed further in the law. Mike said that it is listed in Section E, item #9 in the specifics of the law.

There were no further questions. The Public hearing was closed at 7:35 p.m. and the regular meeting was opened.


Motion by Craig DuMond was made to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor, carried.


  1. Nick Genovese asked if McMullen Road was still in the works to be done. Chuck said, as far as he knows, yes.

  2. Steve Tiska asked about the status of Church Street Bridge. Mike said that Wayne Reynolds came and inspected it with Chuck and Wayne should have a full report by next meeting.

  3. Steve Tiska read something about fresh water fishing, which became interesting so he did some digging. Steve said that if your land is traveled through to get to a fishing spot that it needed to be cleaned up. It could become a liability to the landowner if someone should get hurt. Steve also said that the bridge does not fall under this. Steve said that the bridge should be inspected to be protected. Mike said the bridge was inspected by the Dept. of Public Works, and he is waiting for the written report.

  4. Steve Tiska asked how Mike was making out with getting the Cemetery grass being mowed. Mike said he asked the County for records. He didn’t receive them yet, but he doesn’t think anything will change.

  5. Tom Klehr asked if Mike has worked on the plaque for the bridge. Mike said no, because it is done and in his office. The Hwy. Dept. will install it as soon as it warms up.

  6. Tom Klehr asked about a presentation on fracking that was promised maybe for February or March. Mike said he has been very busy with insurance and contracts and has not been working on this. Fracking has taken a back burner with the State. It does not look like they will approve it for years, if at all.

  7. Nick Genovese asked Chuck about the speed limit sign that needs to be replaced. Chuck said he seen it and will get it done.


  1. Mike said he received two quotes on insurance for the Town that he just got he will open t needs time to look at and no discussion on this tonight.


  1. Plowing and sanding as needed

  2. Hauling sand to the stock pile

  3. Maintenance and repairs on the new sweeper

  4. Serviced and preventative maintenance on Fire Department Trucks

  5. Custom fabricating wing plow conversion to hydraulic lifting system on Truck #4 to eliminate previous problems

  6. State of NY passed an increase to the CHIPS program. Mike will explain this in the Supervisors report.


  1. Craig read the CEO report for the Month of March.


  1. Mike reported on the State Budget and said that the CHIPS money has not been increased in the last 6 years. Mike said that over those years the Towns and the Counties had absorbed the extra cost of road repairs and maintenance. No increase in the CHIPS funding just meant more UNFUNDED MANDATES for all of us. In the last six years the cost of fuel to run the Town trucks increased by 190%, the cost of asphalt for our roads increased by 206% and all highway related materials by a minimum of 57%. We, as a Town, had to absorb all of this and try to hold a 2% property tax cap. It is impossible to do this. Mike said that this year the increase to CHIPS will be $25,700.00 and next year would be $25,000.00. It is still not enough to cover road repair, but it will help.

  2. Mike reported that last month Jeri asked about dog enumerations and if they were being done. Mike said that he has spoken with the Dog Control Officer and that now that the weather is better he will start getting out.

  3. Mike spoke on the Bridge and said that Wayne Reynolds took measurements and pictures of the bridge and was there for about an hour and a half. He will have a written report very soon.

  4. Mike said he went to a meeting in Delhi where Governor Cuomo’s representative was there and spoke on how the budget had only a 2% increase and how great it was. Mike said he interrupted her and told her that all the State increases were made mandates and have been passed down to the County and Town level. That is why the State budget looks so good. Then he started giving her examples. She said she was going to look into this and get back to him. As of this date, Mike has not heard back from her. He has called her several times.

  5. Mike said that he received a notice about the Star program and in order to get the rebate, people under 65 years old have to reapply this year. Mike said that if anyone has any questions they can call 518-457-2036


Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor, the Town Board adopts Local Law #2 of 2013 The Town of Masonville Right to Farm Law. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried. (The Town of Masonville Right to Farm Law is attached.)

Motion by Betty Scott top pay all audited bills, seconded by Craig DuMond, all in favor carried.


46. By the Books 733.33

47. Frontier 93.10

48. Selective 174.00

49. NYSEG 455.30

50. Paraco 1171.61

51. Time Warner Cable 682.93

52. Quill Corp. 395.92

53. Tri-Town News 4.62

54. Pamela Walker 33.74

55. Edson Jones 80.00

56. Cornell Local Rds Programs 50.00

57. Jess F. Howes 20.86

58. Wal-Mart 60.21

59. Mike Spaccaforno 569.96

60. Main Heating LLC 30.00

61. Laurie Burpoe 690.00

62. Joe Reynolds 131.80




52. Tepco 21.00

53. Quality Craft Tools 369.00

54. Ben Funk 185.10

55. Fleetpride 156.04

56. Horton Hardware 58.94

57. Utica Mack Inc. 219.24

58. Cobra Ind. LLC 117.00

59. J&J Equipment 116.44

60. Babcock Municipal Supply 50.00

61. Cook Brothers Truck 104.23

62. G&L Auto Supply Inc. 407.56

63. Tallmadge Tire 368.00

64. Zee Medical Inc. 93.23

65. Advanced Fire Protection Inc. 207.00

66. Interstate Batteries 219.90

67. Mirabitos 3828.25

68. E&R Popes Excavating LLC 2457.00

69. Dags Auto Parts 126.14

70. D&D of Walton 368.62



The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 P.M.


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk

2012 Minutes Archieve



Copyright 2013. Town of Masonville. All rights reserved.


September 2012

STATE OF NEW YORK                                                                     September 5, 2012



The regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 P.M.


Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Councilmen: Craig DuMond, Jeri Brayman, Steve Roff, Betty Scott

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy. Supt.: Chuck Smith


Neita VanValkenburgh, Steve Tiska, Ron Longwell, Vince Warner, Kris Mott, Kathy Kolopchin, Doug Earl, Marie Sroka, Nick Genovese, Kathy Lent. Ernst Keidel, Laurie Burpoe, Kathy Ryan, Mr. & Mrs. Basile, Colin Frost, Keith Clark, Mr. Esposito, Bob & Judy Jackson, Neil Brayman, Jesse Roy, Kendal Craig


Motion by Craig DuMond to accept minutes as presented, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.


  1. Kris Mott spoke on a barking Dog next door to her and that she has filed several complaints with Ted Tiska and nothing has been done and wondered due to Ted leaving as Dog Control when the Town would have a new one. Mike said he has couple of people interested and should be very soon. Mike also said he will see if another Town might be able to help us out, until our Town appoints a Dog Control Officer.

  2. Kris Mott also asked about the sluice that has washed out at the end of the driveway. Chuck said you need to divert the water first, and then the Town will fix it again.

  3. Nick Genovese said County Rt. 20 looks great nice job but just wondering about the hill and said the road is already breaking up. Nick also asked about McMullan Road and markings that are on the road. Chuck said that they did not mark the road and is not sure if they will get to it this year or not.

  4. Jesse Roy spoke on Cole Road and how bad it is. He asked when the Town was going to get in touch with the people responsible for this and to get it fixed. Chuck said he was in touch with and met at the site with the owner of the company. He was to hear back from him this evening, but did not. He will call him again. Chuck does hope it gets done before winter.

  5. Kathy Ryan has concerns with Steam Mill Road. She asked Chuck when something would be done to fix it. Chuck said he has plans this month to fix Steam Mill Road.

  6. Kathy Kolopchin asked about Carol Bowker being on the advisory committee for the pipeline and asked what she would be doing. Mike said that the Constitution Pipeline will be picking 3 names from the group that that was submitted from the County. They will be the ones that will be approving the grants.

  7. Steve Tiska spoke about an Ethics Committee that the Town last had in 1995 and was wondering if the Town needs this and should they form one.


  1. Stone and oiled Teed Rd and part of Pine Swamp

  2. Finished with crusher run on Beals Pond and Axtell Rd and the last part of Pine Hill

  3. Gave Mike Checks for sold surplus items totaling $5352.00

  4. Ditched Finerty Rd, tore up the hill resurfaced with milling from NYSDOT

  5. Installed several pipes under roads & driveways

  6. Shoulder and ditched Shears Rd.

  7. Prepared Town Hall parking lot to be paved

  8.  Replaced several Street signs that were missing or damaged

Steve Roff asked why the chipper was outside right after it was painted. Chuck said there was no room to store it under cover, but will be in soon.

Mike said he met with Steve who is the Field Coordinator for the Finger Lakes Trail. They discussed the Church Street Bridge repair. They agreed that the FLT would supply the new materials for walkway and the Town would install it. Mike said that hopefully this would be accomplished in the spring.


  1. Mike said that Betty has been working with him on getting lower Health Insurance premiums for the Town. They will be able to maintain the same insurance coverage that the men have now at a much lower price. They are waiting on the vision and dental now to see if it all works out. It will then have to be approved by the union.


  1. Craig read the CEO report for the month of August.

  2. Jeri reported that the historian bought 19 new flag poles for the Town and they are tangle free poles.


  1. Mike spoke on the building and said that the only thing left is getting the planter finished. It would include shrubs and flowering plants to dress up the front of the building. Mike also said he was going to look into BOCES and see if they would design and install it.

  2. Mike said at this time the County is slow and has nothing to report of any consequence.

  3. Mike said that the Town had an inspection from the County Board of Elections. They received a written complaint that it was not handicap assessable. Mike said the Board of Elections took pictures, checked the angle of the ramp and measurements for heights of rails and sinks etc., etc. When they were finished, they said our Town Hall does not have any problem at all, and is the most Handicapped assessable place in the County.

Motion was made by Craig DuMond to pay all audited bills, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.


175. Gettysburg Flag                                                                                           404.00

176. Excel                                                                                                              11.63

177. Kortright Creek Financial Services                                                            733.33

178. Walton Reporter                                                                                           13.30

179. The tri-Town News                                                                                      10.01

180. Laing Trucking                                                                                             35.00

181. The Water Bottle                                                                                          22.50

182. Steve VanValkenburg                                                                                150.00

183. Mike Spaccaforno                                                                                      395.18

184. Laurie Burpoe                                                                                             560.00

185. Joe Reynolds                                                                                               345.55

186. Edson Jones                                                                                                  80.00




133. Champiain Oil Co.                                                                                       370.51

134. G&L Auto                                                                                                      60.09

135. Delaware Sport Center                                                                                    9.01

136. Empire Computer                                                                                          29.00

137. Dags Auto Parts                                                                                           333.67

138. Kimball Midwest                                                                                         301.56

139. Northern                                                                                                       373.15

140. Mirabito                                                                                                      1191.70

141. Masonville Stone                                                                                     10,716.00

142. NYS Office                                                                                                   800.00

143. E&R Popes Excavating                                                                                700.00

144. Jess F. Howes Inc                                                                                         750.41

145. Ben Funk                                                                                                    1817.57

146. Fastenal                                                                                                        371.11

147. Cook Brothers Truck Parts                                                                          233.17

148. Suit Kote                                                                                                 27,505.30

149. Fleetpride                                                                                                   1067.93



The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk

Copyright 2013. Town of Masonville. All rights reserved.


October 2012

STATE OF NEW YORK                                                                  October 3, 2012



The regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Councilmen: Craig DuMond, Betty Scott, Jeri Brayman, Steve Roff

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy. Supt.: Chuck Smith


Denis & Laurie Burpoe, Lavetta Campbell, Jessie Roy, Neita VanValkenburg, Vince Warner, Kethy Lent, Robert Sterchak, Kathy Ryan, Bob Jackson, Nick Genovese, Enrst Keidel, Marie Sroka, Kathy Kolopchin, Steve Tiska, Tom Khler, Mr & Mrs Basile, Curt Christensen, Doug Earl, Mike & Cheryl Sherman, Colin Frost, Mr & Mrs. Esposito, Ron Merwin, Kendel Craig, Tom Cardi. Tom Shepstone.


Motion by Craig DuMond to accept minutes as presented, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.


  1. Tom Shepstone did a presentation and had a slide show of gas drilling. Tom spoke on many topics about moratoriums and how they work.  He said that there are a lot of people out there stating one must be put in place, but the New York State Supreme court Judge ruled against a moratorium that a Town had passed. In Toms mind the judge is correct in his ruling. The floor was opened for questions. Nick asked about what would happen to housing prices if drilling would be approved. Tom said that they would rise, but it would take time. Marie spoke about her concerns on the moratorium. Tom said you can take whatever concerns you need to do without a moratorium. Curt spoke on a road use agreement with weight restrictions. Craig said that can be done any time. Steve Roff said that if a law were to be put in place on this you would need to enforce it. What would happen to the quarry trucks septic trucks, timber, etc. etc.? Tom Khler feels that a Road use law would be #1 priority for Towns to do. Kendel asked where the water comes from for fracking and where does it go. Tom said from the river and it gets pumped down, then is returned up to the surface and gets recycled. Any gas is released and the water is purified and reused. Tom Khler asked if the comprehensive plan were to be done again and sent back out would people still say yes. Marie asked if anyone went to the Afton meeting. Mike said no, but that there were several similar meetings to get information from, of which he has been to several. There is no need to go to all of the meetings as they are repetitious. Jeri Brayman said she went to PA and spent 6 hours in Dimock, Pa. She spoke with many people and did not receive negative reports from anyone that lived there.


  1. Stockpiling donated stone for Steam Mill project

  2. Used millings to repair parts of Foster and Clark roads

  3. Second round of roadside mowing is complete

  4. Future plow truck was sent out to be built

  5. Finished oil and stone on Morman Hollow, Rt. 206, end of Church Street and repaired spots on Butts Road

  6. Gravel to seasonal part of Steam Mill to cover sharp rocks in the road surface is being worked on

  7. 2006 truck repairs, rear suspension, fan and sand conveyor

  8. $1152.50 received for sold surplus items

  9. Chuck reported the Cole road is to be paved this week by Lancaster and that County Rt. 20 sign is up

Jesse Roy spoke on his concerns with Cole Road and hope they fix it right.

Kathy Kolopchin said that the stop sign fell done at the end of her road. Chuck said ok.

Tom Khler spoke on the Church Street Bridge and said we did a great job on getting it fixed.


  1. Mike said that the Town must replace all the Towns radios from broadband to narrow band. Mike said this is another unfunded mandated law that was passed to all the Towns. Mike said the Town has 3 radios that will adapt to the new bandwidth, but we will have to buy 9 new ones. The Federal regulation mandates that it must be in operation by 01.Jan. 2013

  2. Mike said the Town has found a new dog control officer Mike Ellis. He will give all the info to the webmasters to post. His contact number is 265-3420


  1. Craig read the CEO report for the month of September.


  1. Mike said that Time Warner notified him that there was a breech in the Towns phone system.  There were several thousand dollars in overseas calls that were made in the middle of the night. They said that the Town owes them that money. Mike told them that the Town never makes overseas calls, and it was not our responsibility. He told Time Warner to put a block on all overseas calls. He had them get in touch with the phone company that did the installation, and after swapping some secret codes, they figured the system was hacked. This resolved the problem and the Town was absolved of the extra charges. The Town cannot make any overseas calls, not that we ever did anyhow.

  2. Mike said he spoke with BOCES and they are willing to plant and fix up the garden around the flagpole. The Town will buy the shrubs and get topsoil and mulch and BOCES will do the rest. It should be completed in the next few weeks.

  3. Mike said that NYC wants to purchase 36 acres of land on Herrick Hollow Road. It will be open to hiking and hunting.


  1. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board approves a public hearing, pertaining to the 2013 Town of Masonville budget. Notice is to be advertised by the Town Clerk, two weeks before the November meeting, in the Tri- Town news and the Walton reporter. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.

  2. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board approves the purchase and installation of 9 Narrowband Mobile Radios, Model XPR 4350 with all accessories for the highway vehicles and highway equipment. This must be completed prior to the 01 January 2013 deadline. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Steve Roff, all in favor carried.

  3. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor: the Town Board appoint Mr. Mike Ellis to the position of Dog Control Officer, to carry out all duties set forth and noted in Local Law #2, “Dog Control Law for the Town of Masonville” in the year 2010. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.

  4. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board approves to advertise the Budget Workshop on the 17th of October at 7:30 p.m. in the Tri-Town News and the Walton Reporter. So moved by Betty Scott, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.

  5. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board approves a public hearing pertaining to Local Law #2 Tax Cap Override, which will be held at the November 7th Town Board meeting. This will be advertised in the Tri-Town news and the Walton Reporter. So moved by Betty Scott, seconded by Craig DuMond, all in favor carried.


187. Time Warner Cable                                                                                324.50

188. Office of State Comptroller                                                                  3205.00

189. Frontier                                                                                                     90.68

190. NYSEG                                                                                                  455.96

191. Laurie Burpoe                                                                                         600.00

192. Cobleskill Stone                                                                                 13,891.83

193. Jess F. Howes                                                                                           14.07

194. Chuck Smith                                                                                             12.90

195. Fastenal                                                                                                   204.99

196. Mike Spaccaforno                                                                                  264.13

197. Kortright Creek Financial                                                                      782.33

198. Linnea Wilson                                                                                        399.99

199. Joe Reynolds                                                                                          207.56

200. Judy Jackson                                                                                          314.84

201. Service Education Inc.                                                                           950.00

202. Edson Jones                                                                                              80.00




150. Babcock Municipal Supply                                                                   181.00

151. Jess F. Howes                                                                                          26.51

152. Personal Concepts                                                                                   25.90

153. Brian Backus                                                                                           45.00

154. Old Road Truck Repair                                                                       2308.93

155. Champlain Oil Co.                                                                                269.91

156. John Winn                                                                                             282.16

157. Suit-Kote Corp.                                                                                12,707.15

158. Ben Funk                                                                                              225.87

159. Cook Brothers Truck Parts                                                                  232.39

160. NYS Office of General Services                                                            50.00

161. Babcock Municipal Supply                                                                1896.00

162. G&L Auto                                                                                              45.36

163. E&R Popes Excavating                                                                        539.00

164. Mirabitos                                                                                            2470.10

165. Waynes Welding Inc.                                                                           980.00

166. McCarthy Tire                                                                                     591.84

167. Fleetpride                                                                                              58.61

168. Tepco                                                                                                    21.00



The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk

Copyright 2013. Town of Masonville. All rights reserved.


November 2012

STATE OF NEW YORK                                                          November 7, 2012



The Public meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 p.m. Regular meeting to follow.

Purpose of said meeting is the adoption of the 2013 Town Budget.


Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Councilman: Betty Scott, Craig DuMond, Jeri Brayman, Steve Roff

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy. Supt.: Chuck Smith


Bob Jackson, Judy Jackson, Laurie Burpoe, Neita VanValkenburg, Neil Brayman, Everett Burrows, Vince Warner, Doug Earl, Mr. & Mrs. Esposito, Mrs. Roff, Steve Tiska, Nick Genovese, Bob Basile, Curt Christensen, Robert Beards, Bill Thomas, Keith Scott, Tom Klehr

Mike spoke on the budget and said that when they first started working on the budget, it would have had an increase of about 18%.  After several months of work, they were able to decrease it to a 4.6% increase.

Mike said that the Town will have to pass a local law on a Tax Cap Override and said that the increase to the property owner will be .26 for every 1000.00 of assessed evaluation. It would mean for a $100,000 assessment on the property, you would have a $26.00 increase in property taxes.

Everett said that their Union Rep. recommended that the Town keep the same amount of money in the budget for the insurance they currently have. They will be getting a new insurance co. soon. Everett said that it won’t be as low as the new insurance that was priced, but would be lower than what they have now. Mike said the budget is already done and the insurance is in the works. Craig said if anything changes it would have to be when the contract comes up.

Steve Tiska asked what road projects does Chuck have for the budgeted highway monies. Craig said that there are plans for that money but that could change at any time due to needs of other roads. Mike said a plan will be submitted by next month, but with the caveat that throughout the year due to weather etc. things could change.

Nick Genovese asked what the line items in the budget meant for, “personal and contractual”. Mike said personal is the salary and contractual is the spending allowance for items needed for the year.

No other questions were asked.

Public Hearing closed at 7:42 and the regular meeting was opened.

Motion by Craig DuMond to accept to minutes as corrected, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.


  1. Curt Christensen spoke on the letter that went out to all property owner about NYC getting easements on lands and what the rights as a property owner would be if said property owner agree to this. Mike said that owners would be giving up their rights to develop on their own land, except for whatever was agreed upon with the City. Mike also noted that whoever does assign their property rights to the City, cannot nullify the contract. He advised that you think long and hard about that before signing anything.

  2. Robert Beards congratulated Mike, Craig and Steve on the Election. He also said that they had run a good clean campaign and had 1/3 of the people supported them.

  3. Tom Klehr thanked everyone involved who helped fix the Church St. Bridge.


  1. Repaired several pipe headwalls around Town.

  2. Mowing brush with the boom tractor.

  3. Ditched and graveled portions of the seasonal part of Steam Mill Rd.

  4. Provided traffic control for paving on Cole Road. This was damaged in March and was repaired by the contractor who damaged it. The project was over $20,000.00 to repair at no cost to the Town.

  5. Cleaned and serviced the shop furnaces.

  6. Excavated part of Steam Mill on the paved area. In order to finish the repair next spring, the Town had to put in a new stone base in place and surface it with crusher run, which should last for many years.

  7. We had an incident while working on Steam Mill Rd. causing over $17,000.00 of damage to the 2006 dump truck. This was an insurance claim. We hope to have it back toward the end of November.

  8. Unplugged pipe that drains East Masonville Pond just before storm, this was preventative maintenance before storm hit.

  9. We sold at auction, the old surplus tractor for $4,550.00

Mike said that if there are any problems or concerns with the roads or the Highway Dept. to please call Chuck direct, he will be able to answer any of your questions.


Craig read the CEO report.


Mike had nothing to report and said things are slow right now.


  1. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board adopt Local Law #1 of 2013; Local Law to override the tax levy limit established in General Municipal Law 3-c. So Moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.

  2. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board approves the 2013 Town Budget. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Jeri Brayman, opposed by Steve Roff, carried

  3. Upon recommendation by the Town Supervisor; the Town Board approve the posting of seasonal limited use only roads the same as last year, starting date of December 1st 2012 to April 1st 2013 as per sect. #205a of the Highway Law. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.


Resolution #13, the intent to pass Local Law #1 of 2013 to override the tax levy limit. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried. Copy attached

Motion by Craig DuMond to pay all audited bills, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.


203. Walton Reporter                                                                                       8.95

204. Coalition of Watershed Towns                                                            500.00

205. Robert Sterchak                                                                                    245.00

206. Grace Fisher                                                                                         350.00

207. Rea Ann Lakin                                                                                     350.00

208. Anne Scott                                                                                            245.00

209. Tri Town News                                                                                        3.47

210. Time Warner Cable                                                                              431.54

211. NYSEG                                                                                                208.73

212. Frontier                                                                                                   93.01

213. NYSEG                                                                                                 208.73

214. NYSEG                                                                                                 375.34

215. Excel                                                                                                       19.99

216. Business Automation Services                                                             395.00

217. Joe Reynolds                                                                                         244.33

218. Marilyn Trachsel                                                                                    39.00

219. NYSAOTSOH                                                                                     150.00

220. Mike Spaccaforno                                                                                521.72

221. Sandri                                                                                                     53.22

222. Jess F. Howes                                                                                       137.62

223. Laurie Burpoe                                                                                       670.00




169. Fleetpride                                                                                              268.64

170. Cook Brothers Truck Supply                                                                  82.11

171. Mirabitos                                                                                          12,405.13

172.  E&R Popes Excavating                                                                      2870.00

173. NYS Office of General Services                                                         1050.00

174. Horton Hardware                                                                                  134.99

175. John F Winn                                                                                           51.12

176. Cobleskill Stone Products                                                                     204.13

177. G&L Auto                                                                                               69.99

178. Texas Refinery                                                                                      895.20

179. Waynes Welding                                                                                     26.17

180. Kimball Midwest                                                                                  229.92

181. Fastenal                                                                                                 249.78

182. Comstock Logging Supplies                                                                536.00

183. Metal Fab Div. Bushwick Metals                                                        388.50

184. Champlain Oil Co.                                                                               257.67

185. Ben Funk                                                                                            2393.28

186. NYS Office of General Services                                                        1000.00

187. Dags Auto Parts                                                                                   189.07

188. Waynes Welding                                                                                1925.88

189. Jess F. Howes                                                                                       330.82

190. Interstate Battery                                                                                  211.90



The meeting was adjourned at 9:04 p.m.


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk

Copyright 2013. Town of Masonville. All rights reserved.


December 2012

State of New York                                                                                December 5, 2012

County of Delaware

Town of Masonville



The regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 p.m.



Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Councilman: Steve Roff, Craig Dumond, Jeri Brayman, Betty Scott

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy.Supt. Chuck Smith



Neil & Jody Brayman, Chester Shew, Ernst Keidel, Nick Genovese, Barbara Roff, Neita VanValkenburg, Steve Tiska, Everett Burrows, Collin Frost, Tom Klehr, Dave Barnes



Motion by Craig DuMond to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.



  1. Steve Tiska asked about the seasonal road ad and said that some of the signs did not match the ad. Chuck said the ad is right and that he needs to get stickers to fix all the signs.

  2. Steve Tiska asked who owns the Church Street Bridge. Mike said the Town does and it is covered under the Town’s insurance policy.

  3. Collin Frost Spoke on the Highway man and said that they go above and beyond their job description. They do so much for the Town he feels that changing their insurance to take away from them is not a good idea. Mike explained that the new insurance cost much less and is basically the same for the men. There is very little difference from the old policy. Mike said that he knows they do a great job, because he worked together with them for the better part of a year. They do so much more than the Towns people know of and never get the credit for it.

  4. Neita VanValkenburg wanted the public to know that the Church holds a Food Pantry on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.



  1. Preparing equipment for Winter

  2. Plowed and sanded a couple of times

  3. Mowing brush with Tractor

  4. Ditched then resurfaced Dry Brook Rd

  5. Added more gravel to seasonal part of Steam Mill Rd

  6. New mandated two way radios have been installed in most of the equipment

  7. Temporary patch on rough areas of Roof, Pine Hill #1 and intersection of Ivanhoe and Teed roads

  8. We are posting the 2013 projects that may be worked on pending weather conditions and finances will be:

    1. McMullen and Hellerud roads / Pug mill pave

    2. Finnerty Rd., Foster Rd., the Hill of Steam Mill Rd. closer to Rt.206 and at end of Beals Pond Rd. at Rt. 20 , are to be oil & stoned.

             NOTE:  THAT FEMA AND CHIPS PROJECTS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE                 .                          THIS WORK CAN BEGIN.


  1. Mike said the Radios are installed in most of the trucks and all should be completed by the 1st of the year as per the mandate.



  1. Craig read the CEO report for the Month of November.



  1. Mike said the County Budget has been passed with a 3.9% increase and said they Budget Oversight Committee brought it down from the Preliminary Budget that was 4.8 %.

  2. Mike said that Social Service budget is totally out of control with abuse and unregulated benefits (again from unfunded mandates). Mike said that he was the only one of the Supervisors who voted against the County budget. Mike said that he plans on trying to form a coalition of Counties to try and stop the State’s unfunded and partially funded mandates. These mandates are what are causing the most problems for the County and Town to keep their budgets down.

  3. Mike asked that on December 7th that the Flags be at half-staff for Pearl Harbor Day.



  1. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor: the Town Board approves a transfer to fund the Highway budget as follows: To provide funds necessary to complete the plow truck refurbishment to be appropriated equally as follows:

 $84,064.00 to account No. Revenue DA4960 (FEMA Aid) and $84,064.00 to account No DA495130.2 (Machinery-Equipment). So moved by Craig DuMond, Seconded by Betty Scott with a nay by Steve Roff, carried

  1. Upon Recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board approves a transfer of funds to pay for an insured truck repair as follows. $2,269.58 from Account No.D2680 (Insurance Recovery) to $2,269.58 to Account No.D5130.4 (Machinery-Contractual). So moved by Jeri Brayman, seconded by Craig DuMond, all in favor carried.



Motion by Craig DuMond to pay all audited bills, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried



224. Kortright Creek Financial                                                                         1511.66

225. Tri-Town News                                                                                               4.24  

226. Walton Reporter                                                                                            14.11

227. Edson Jones                                                                                                   80.00

228. Edson Jones                                                                                                   80.00    

229. Frontier                                                                                                          183.76  

230. NYSEG                                                                                                        208.73    

231. Frontier                                                                                                         184.61   

232. Time Warner Cable                                                                                      648.94  

233. The Tri-Town News                                                                                        9.52

234. CMS Imaging                                                                                               272.73

235. Otsego Telephone Systems                                                                          858.60

236. Laurie Burpoe                                                                                              670.00

237. Mike Spaccaforno                                                                                       192.48

238. Delaware Co. Hwy. Assoc.                                                                            35.00

239. Joe Reynolds                                                                                              211.09

240. Drogen Electric                                                                                            59.90





191. Salso Inc.                                                                                                    150.06

192. Cobleskill Stone                                                                                       2500.00

193. Tallmadge                                                                                                1988.50

194. Babcock Municipal Supply                                                                      2048.00

195. NYS Office of General Services                                                               250.00

196. Chenango Sales                                                                                         856.06

197.  Interstate Battery                                                                                      219.90

198. Thering Sales & Service                                                                           390.00

199. G&L Auto Supply                                                                                      12.43

200. Dags Auto Parts                                                                                        342.68

201. Tepco                                                                                                          27.00    

202. D&D of Walton                                                                                          24.99

203. Masonville Stone                                                                                 13,302.00   

204. E&R Popes Excavating                                                                           1582.00    

205. Zep                                                                                                            348.85

206. Advance Auto Parts                                                                                    47.94    

207. Ben Funk                                                                                                   863.46    

208.  Fleetpride                                                                                               1316.77

209. Mirabito                                                                                                  3476.29

210. Tri-County Communications                                                                  5206.19 

211. Champlain Oil Co.                                                                                   202.69

212. Chenango Welding Supply                                                                      736.39

213. Tim Oralls                                                                                                  75.00

214. Brain Backus                                                                                              70.00 

215. Wayne’s Welding                                                                                 84,064.00  

216. Hillcrest Collision Carstar                                                                      2269.58

217. Harbor Freight Tools                                                                                180.85

218. Auto Plus                                                                                                  147.80

219. Cook Brothers                                                                                            45.60





The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.





Pamela Walker, Town Clerk

Copyright 2013. Town of Masonville. All rights reserved.

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